Why more and more young people seeking arrangements online

Posted by Seekingarrangementsreviews.com | July 15th, 2016

After the great economic recession hit the western country, it was seen that the people who suffered the most were in their twenties and they had to witness pummelling first salaries and were saddled in heaps of student loans. It was also seen that the number of students who got back with their parents increased by two folds compared to just a forty percent probability of students getting back with their parents just about a decade ago. Enter sugar daddy and seeking arrangement online, and the girls who were trapped with thousands of dollars of loans could now have an option to study while some middle age rich man could pay off their debt. This is the reason why seeking sugar daddy online has increased about 12 folds in the recent years.

Demographics of the students

The students are usually young female college going students and are mostly located from UK or US. This might be because the recession hit these regions most severely and the tuition fees in these countries are very high too.

How this Arrangement works

The arrangement works in a very subtle manner where there are dates, shopping sprees and expensive dinner dates. The couple goes out on vacations, enjoys their time together and then this is followed by some fun time and physical intimacy. The sugar daddy pays off the debts or gives monthly allowance to their sugar baby like they would in any other arranged relationship.

Is this another relative of prostitution?

You may be quick to label this relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies as being another form of prostitution or some kind of playboy thing. But there is a very fine line of difference between prostitution and seeking arrangements either offline or online.  Seeking arrangement is like any other kind of arranged relationship that the elders would advice their daughters to seek. The guy should earn well, should be well off, should be willing to pay the expenses and take responsibilities. In exchange, the sugar babies need to go out with them and form an emotional relationship along with providing for sexual intimacy.  The relationship is not based merely on cash unlike prostitution where the relationship ends with a single sitting of physical relationship. Although the fact holds true that this arrangement is different from playing, it cannot be denied that the students are very vulnerable because of the quick money making nature of this relationship.


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